About Us

About SB Holiday....!

SB Holidays our members have access to vacation ownership resorts and properties in the heart of culturally rich metropolitan areas, among serene mountain communities or in relaxed resorts in quiet and serene coastal areas. From the hustle bustle of exotic cities, to the idyllic seaside resort, to the mystique and magic of the jungles or the splendour of the mountains, SB Holidays provides it all. Our members therefore have a vast variety of choices of both location and resorts for their dream vacation - year after year!! With more than 5000 dream destinations to choose from in India and across the world and a unique but simple “points-based” allotment system, SB Holidays provides its members extraordinary flexibility, innumerable options and leisure-travel opportunities. Moreover, as a privileged member of SB Holidays, you shall experience all the wonderful privileges that come with vacation ownership along with our seamless service ! We are perhaps the only Holiday Providers to offer such a vast variety of vacation opportunities through our multiple choice of Resorts and Hotels - all under one umbrella !! . From skiing, golf, para sailing to cruises to safaris, amusement parks, art and culture, shopping and more, our vacation ownership membership with SB Holidays opens the door for you to fulfil your dreams and enjoy economical yet idyllic vacations at prime destinations - year after year. Start planning today. We shall show you the way…... Start Here!

Our Mission

To be the acknowledged provider of select, branded leisure and vacation products and services by constantly refining an innovative, flexible, and quality “points-based” vacation programme in a corporate culture that always places our members at the heart of every activity. With our mission comes a powerful commitment that we make to every vacation owner and member of SB Holidays that nothing matters more to us than their satisfaction – so we will do everything possible to make their membership rewarding in every possible way. Our commitment covers every aspect of membership, from the quality of our resorts, the expertise of SB Holidays Member Services Representatives and to the strategic business partners we choose. This is the spirit that has guided us to date, and that will continue to set us apart in the Holiday Industry. The engine that drives SB Holidays is our innovative “points-based” program that provides members with total access to the world wide vacation destinations that combine flexibility, quality and service for a lifetime of vacation experiences. Like currency, our members can spend their Points on accommodation,leisure activities, travel, shopping, dining, culture and entertainment. Points can also be accelerated, shared with other members, banked and saved for an additional year.

Our Vission

SB Holidays is designed to ensure that our members and vacation owners get every opportunity to make the most of their vacations, with exemplary comfort, convenience and flexibility. We shall endeavour to ensure that they receive exclusive privileges and extra value - everything needed for a perfect vacation, today and always.