Any holiday - be it an Annual Family Vacation, a short Business Trip, a Religious Pilgrimage or a Rain Soaked Weekend Getaway - each vacation has its own charm and can spark off the “Desire” to travel. We at SB Holidays endeavour to never let this Wanderlust die and ensure that you get what your heart desires!!


Vacations are a perfect reason to learn about living in the present; to focus on the joy of being together and enjoying every moment. They are the brief shining breaks in our lives that we spend months planning and anticipating about and years thereafter re-living those cherished days.

  • Vacations indulge you in the kind of time you yearn for — time away from work, time with your family, time to literally explore new horizons.
  • They rejuvenate your spirit and refresh you and prepare you to face up to the gruelling daily routine.
  • Vacations allow you to live completely in the moment forgetting your worries and minor problems.

Experts say and recent studies have reiterated that investing in a vacation means investing in your personal health and overall well-being of you and your family.

  • Savings:    Vacations for a lifetime at today's price, and without the hassles of ownership of a second home
  • Comfort:    Spacious well appointed fully furnished accommodation with kitchenettes, extra bedrooms, and plenty of living space
  • Amenities: All modern amenities are an essential part of the package at most of our resorts
  • Flexibility: Vacation when you want based on your schedule, wherever you choose!
  • Variety:    Exchange opportunities provide access to destinations throughout the world

The SB Holidays Membership

You want greater flexibility in the length of time you vacation. You want flexibility as to when and where you vacation. And you want the best value for money when planning your vacation - You get it all when you become a member of SB Holidays

With SB Holidays, you will enjoy spacious well appointed accommodation;numerous fantastic locations with incredible options, pride of ownership and amazing value for money deals that shall make your vacation dreams come true.

How does it Work?

Every night at every resort is given a specific point value. Members then use points as a form of currency. Using the SB Holidays points system, you use your vacation time for as little or as long as you desire, at the time of your choosing, and in the resort location and accommodations size of your choice. It’s your perfect vacation.


SB Holidays is committed to the idea that life is incomplete without vacations. Our distinctive resort collection features spacious condominium-style accommodations in renowned vacation destinations, spectacular amenities and the quality service. All of this combines to create unforgettable vacation experiences and the benefits don't stop there

  • Vacation in your favourite spot year after year — SB Holidays have wide choice of resorts/ Hotels which are located in cities, on beaches, in the high reaches of mountains, in sandy desserts, at wild life sanctuaries, at the base of snow capped peaks and at numerous pilgrimage destinations - you name it and we have it.
  • Explore the world - and get access to more than 5,000 plus resorts worldwide through our Special Arrangements / Affiliation / Tie-ups and Exchange.
  • Get the most from your Points — The SB Holidays Point System is perhaps the most flexible points system - limited only by your imagination.
  • Head out on an Adventure — We intend to shortly introduce SB Holidays Perks wherein we shall be offering amazing vacation options including cruises, luxury houseboat stays, yacht charters, airline travel,premium motorcycle excursions, and other first class adventures.

Relax, it's SB Holidays !! At SB Holidays our name is synonymous with our legendary reputation for highly attentive guest service and high-quality accommodations. Therefore no matter where you go or what you do, as a Member of SB Holidays, you can rest assured that you deserve the BEST and shall always receive the BEST – come what may!! Count on SB Holidays to deliver quality - always.

Features & Benefits

SB Holidays is designed to meet your ever increasing aspirations for your vacation needs no matter how they expand and evolve in years to come. With a growing SB Holidays network of resorts in great destinations, plus additional vacation opportunities at thousands of resorts around the world, members can have the perfect vacation when and where they want.

When you consider the following features and benefits, you'll see why SB Holidays makes sense for you.

Hedge against Inflation Costs:
The cost of staying in a hotel is invariably subject to inflation and of necessity increases over time. SB Holidays Membership gets you out of the cycle of increasing rates for nightly stays because you pay for all your nights in advance when you purchase the SB Holidays Membership. As a member, you will get to use 7 Nights every year for the next 25 years, and you won't have to pay increasingly more for it, even though the hotel rates continue to increase

Flexibility and Convenience:
Vacation dreams and needs change with the passage of time. This year, snow Peak Mountains be the perfect venue. Next year, it could be outdoor adventures. Or perhaps, lying on the beach all day is your idea of paradise, but next time you'll want to golf until the sun goes down. Traditional timeshare requires you to buy a specific property and options are limited.

Luxurious Accommodations:
Relax in spacious, luxuriously appointed accommodations, which provide a home-away-from-home with all of the comforts and amenities you need to relax, take care of the family and entertain friends.

Tomorrow's Vacation at Today's Costs:
Save money now and on future vacations. Hotel room costs rise every year, yours do not. SB Holidays membership offers lasting memories, enduring quality and fixed affordable costs.

Quality Time with the People You Love:
Benefit from convenient and hassle-free planning. Less time planning means more time enjoying friends and family with a stress-free and comfortable vacation lifestyle.


  • Ensure your future vacations today
  • Make quality family time a priority – once you have Membership you will be tempted to holiday again and again
  • Nothing like planning an exotic holiday ...starting NOW

We will keep bringing you new destinations, fantastic amenities and fun activities to make your vacations something more—and you keep making those timeless family memories come to life .

Do remember - At SB Holidays we dedicatedly work towards making all your vacations dreams come true – year after year !!