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Our Valuable Team Members

When you become a member of the SB Holidays, you don’t just get access to our associate / affiliate properties, you can be assured of experiencing a ‘Lifetime’ of great holidaying. That’s just part of our commitment to you as a valued Member. For those of you who love to holiday and expect a high level of comfort and service, SB Holidays gives you just that, and more… We are all here to ensure you, our valued Members maximize your Membership to it’s full potential and reap all the benefits of being a part of us.

The Member Servicing And Reservations Team

The Sales And Marketing Team

The Finance Team

The Member Servicing and Reservations Team

Your friendly Member Servicing Team is well trained and experienced to help with any aspect of your Membership and each member of the team firmly believes that the SB Holidays Member is supreme and deserves the very best ! Don’t be surprised when you receive a courtesy call from one of our team seeking a feedback about your recent holiday experience and requesting you for your views on improving our service or recommending to you some exciting new holiday destinations on offer. The team takes great pleasure in assisting you with your next reservation or even simply updating you about the activities of SB Holidays.
Our team members feel that there is nothing more rewarding than helping a Member fully understand all aspects of his or her Membership, whether over the phone or face to face at one of our Member Workshops. All our consultants have a wealth of experience with regards destinations, properties, and all related issues therefore please do not to hesitate and feel free to call us anytime regarding:

  • Maximizing your Membership
  • Selecting the perfect destination that suits your needs, including tips on what to do when you are there
  • Assist with the Members Website – new login and navigating through the website
  • What to do with your “SB Points” and how to maximize their benefits
  • Gift Certificates
  • Reservations
  • How to reach your selected destination including the facilities available at each destination.

The Member Reservations Team

We know you want absolute clarity and confidence when you book your holiday.
Reservations for all our Properties can be initiated via the SB Holidays Website, and we accept booking requests from six months in advance to even two days prior to your requirement. We, however, recommend that as far as possible, you should book as early as convenient especially for those high demand periods or ‘special occasion’ vacations you simply don’t want to miss out!
Our experienced team takes the guesswork out of booking your next holiday, be sure to contact us so that we may help you with your personal queries regarding:

  • Your SB Points balance and expiry date
  • Your Holiday Utilization History
  • Availability at anyone of our destinations/ Properties
  • Amending or cancellation of an existing reservation
  • Bonus Time and Super Saver Reservations
  • Use of the Destination Directory and Seasonal Calendar and for assistance during planning your upcoming holidays and so much more…..

Simply call during office hours Monday to Friday 10.00am to 7.00pm (excluding Sundays and National Public Holidays)

The Sales and Marketing Team

Our Sales and Marketing Team are so passionate about what they do that some of them have joined SB Holidays themselves! They know the benefits that await every Member which is why they’ll recommend to any prospective member to experience a ‘Mini-Vacation’ for a special rate to see for themselves what all we provide.
What’s a ‘Mini Vacation’ all about?
What better way to see if SB Holidays is for you than by actually going on holiday? There’s truly no better way to experience all we have to offer than by relaxing at a luxurious resort for a brief two - night stay.
You’ll pay a fraction of what the holiday would normally cost, and you will also get to experience a one on one 90 minute presentation with a professional staff member showing you how to get the most out of your future holidays - for a lifetime !
If you love the benefits of being a SB Holidays Member, but would like more flexibility and more options including longer booking windows, more points, extended stays or larger rooms, our team at SB Holidays will advise you and assist you to upgrade your membership to suit your requirement whenever the need arises..
If you would like to hear more about upgrading your membership, please contact our friendly team and they will be happy to assist you!
To experience these offers, we invite you to contact our Sales and Marketing Team, and they’ll outline the destinations and dates on offer and you can choose what works for you. Do visit our Sales Office or simply call the Sales and Marketing Team now.

The Finance Team

We know that not everyone has the resources on hand to invest in an exclusive Holiday Programme like ours.
That’s why we encourage anyone with even a passing interest in “Value for Money” Holidaying to attend a presentation and meet with our Finance Team to explore the options available on how to finance the best plan to suit you and your budget.
Payment plans, financing, low-interest loans and other options are all available.
Please do not deny yourself the opportunity to experience the best that life has to offer just because you may be short of money! Let us walk you through the options available and help us to help you experience the holidays you and your family deserve!